Eufregina resort

Experience a perfect blend of luxury and nature at Eufregina Resort

Eufregina resort is gracefully nestled in the outskirts of the scenic and calm village of Cavelossim. The resort is owned by James Franco Barretto and has been acclaimed as the one the best resorts in South Goa.

The resort is arrayed with modern art from the owner who has set a new standard among the local resorts in the village of Cavelossim. This place boasts of elegant contemporary architecture and flair design, top-notch service and exceptionally generous rooms with great facilities.

Eufregina resort is perched at a perfect spot overlooking the stunning and peaceful countryside view of the fields, where one can also enjoy the beautiful sound of the birds chirping from all around. The resort is blessed in such a way, that one can enjoy the sunrise as well as the mesmerizing sunset on either side of the resort!

The resort is situated 15mins away from the pristine Mobor beach, 7mins away from the beautiful church of Cavelosim and 5mins walking distance to the Cavelossim Assolna bridge.

The Goa international airport is 27 km away from the resort.

On your next holiday, discover Goa like never before with Eufregina resort’s true Goan hospitality service.

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Frank's Dot

Dining at Frank’s dot is an experience not to be missed

James Franco, the owner of Franks Dot is an exceptionally innovative man with more than 25 years of experience in renowned hotel Industry. Not only is he innovative, but also very proficient in culinary art – cooking and dining.

In his 25 years of experience, he has proven to have good leadership skills with a track record of training and development. Above everything, he is very much focused on kitchen hygiene, quality of food and presentation, thereby ensuring a healthy living for all the patrons.

Dining at Frank’s dot is an experience not to be missed. The whole ambience of the restaurant is a striking affair from the owner combined with great panoramic view from the restaurant – the outdoor sitting area overlooking the peaceful surrounding is beautifully nestled in the landscape gardens where one can have their spirits connected to the nature while also experiencing the different types of birds.

Mr. James Franco has brought his latest culinary creation to the restaurant by crafting a vibrant menu which purely satisfies every customer’s palette.

The bar at our restaurant is something that adds glitter to the place – a beauty that stands tall to suit the low light level. Our place is the perfect cocktail spot – our cocktail list carries a variety of international cocktails – it is the kind that would take you to another level – helping you find your new favorite tipple. With this menu, we hope to bring a sense of excitement and exploration to our dear customers.

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